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Fraud Protection Tips

First and foremost, sign the back of your new credit card when you receive it. Your card must be signed in order to be valid.

In addition, take the following steps to monitor the use and safety of your Indigo Platinum MasterCard:

  • Keep your card in a secure place where you will immediately know if it is missing. Check periodically, especially if you do not use it frequently, to make sure it is where it belongs.
  • Do not leave your credit card with someone as a security deposit or as identification. Your driver’s license is better for this purpose.
  • Do not lend your credit card to anyone.
  • When you are expecting a new or replacement card, look for it in the mail. If you do not receive it within ten business days of our mail date, contact a Genesis FS Card Services account representative.
  • Report a lost or stolen card immediately.
  • Protect your account and password or PIN numbers. Never carry your PIN in your wallet or write it on the back of your card.
  • Keep a printed list of all of your financial account numbers in a safe place along with corresponding customer service phone numbers and addresses. This information is very important if you need to report a problem immediately to your creditors.

At the Store
Never leave receipts behind where someone could pick them up—especially ATM, supermarket, and self-service gasoline pump receipts.

In Addition

  • Keep your copy of sales receipts and shred them at home after matching them to your statement.
  • Never let anyone put your account number on a check or any other document not associated with a purchase on your account.

Over the Phone
If you are using your credit card to shop, there are several tips you should follow to protect yourself and your accounts:

  • Provide your credit card account number only when you are making a purchase and if you have initiated the transaction. Never give your account number to someone calling you on the phone, especially if the caller says it will be used to claim a prize or award.
  • Conduct business with companies that you know and that are reputable. You will be sharing your credit card number, your name and possibly your address and phone number.

If you are going to give your credit card number online, make certain you are using a secure connection. Look for security symbols. Most browsers display a special icon, such as a padlock or key, to indicate secure sites. Many merchants also inform you on their websites if they have taken security precautions.

  • To protect your account, do not send account numbers or other financial information by email. Unless it occurs on a secured system, such as a Secure Message Center, email is not a secure form of communication.